Revolutionizing equipment maintenance in healthcare facilities

As Hospital CEOs struggle with implementing healthcare reform, CFOs deal with reduced reimbursements and the pressure to spend less. Discover how Mediserve can help shift equipment maintenance dollars from service and increase the bottom line for hospitals of all sizes.

“I was most pleased when we realized how much capital could be saved by simply changing our process and centralizing our management in only one area, namely, our equipment maintenance." President, Regional Healthcare System

Mediserve’s program options range from a full dispatch program for repair requests up to an on-site managed program consisting of Mediserve administrative personnel.

Mediserve TEC Program

Mediserve’s Technical Equipment Coverage (TEC) Program offers an alternative to traditional equipment maintenance contracts. As the industry leader in capital equipment maintenance solutions, Mediserve provides cost effective, outsourced maintenance programs for our healthcare customer partners in a wide range of facilities including hospitals, clinics, and imaging, surgery and cancer centers.

Mediserve’s TEC program is customized to meet your needs by being equipment specific, limiting specific user risk, balancing coverage and cost and all while complementing established, in-house programs. For virtually all healthcare organizations, large or small, this will mean increased operational efficiencies, a stronger management information system to base decisions on and surplus dollars to direct toward other critical business operations

Mediserve M-TEC Program

Mediserve’s Managed Technical Equipment Coverage (M-TEC) Program delivers all the benefits of the TEC Program described above plus provides additional on-site support within your facility. This could include a Technical Account Manager (TAM) or an Administrative Assistant or both. The TAM provides uniformity in the control of information, paper flow and data entry. The TAM also maintains control of all business aspects of the Program providing maximum responsiveness and is the on-site liaison between Mediserve and your organization.

Pioneering this innovative program and in partnership with Vizient, Mediserve provides a paramount solution for your equipment maintenance needs. Through a competitive contract process, Mediserve was awarded a national agreement as a supplier for Vizient members and works with multiple healthcare facilities throughout the US.

Eligible Equipment

The following list of equipment is only representative; your Program may cover additional equipment.

Cardiology/Stress Systems/ICU, CCU, EKG

Arrhythmia Computers

Cardiac Output Computers


Monitoring Systems

Stress Test Systems

Cardiac Cath Systems


Intra Aortic Balloon Pumps

Patient Data Management

Telemetry Systems

Clinical/R&D Lab


Blood Gas Analyzers

Cell Savers

Cell Washers


Clinical Analyzers



DNA Synthesizers

Electron Microscopes

Electrophoresis Equipment

Flame Photometers

Gamma Counters






Function Labs Respiratory Therapy



Pulmonary Function Systems

Sleep Labs


Blood Culture Units


Chemistry Analyzers

Coagulation Analyzers


DNA Analyzers

Electrolyte Analyzers

Hematology Analyzers

Immunoassay Analyzers

Microbiology Analyzers



Tissue Analyzers

Nuclear Medicine



Dose Calibrators

Gamma Cameras

Gamma Counters

Laser Imagers

Multi-Format Cameras

Uptake Probes


Angiographic Systems

Chest Units (automated)

CT Scanners

Cystographic Units

Daylight Systems

Dental Units

Digital Systems

E.R. Units

Fluoroscopic Rooms

General Radiographic Rooms

Head/Skull Units

Mammography Units

Mobile C-Arms

Motorized/Auto Film Viewers

MRI Scanners

PACS Systems

Physiological Monitoring

Portable X-Ray Machines

Radiology Information Systems

Special Procedures Rooms

Tomographic Rooms

X-Ray Tubes


Radiology Oncology



Biomedical Equipment

Central Services Equipment

OT/PT Equipment

Communication Systems

Data Processing Equipment

Office Automation

Security Systems

Computer Hardware

Networks & Servers

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Since 1982, SU Group LLC (SU) has helped institutions reduce their equipment maintenance spend all while improving operational efficiencies, equipment performance and uptime.

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Formed in 1982, the affiliated entities of the SU Group of Companies has steadily grown and now consists of Specialty Underwriters LLC, Mediserve, Inc., SU Canada, Ltd. and SU Insurance Company.

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